Vintage Brands

A passion for Vintage fabrics

At Il Vecchio Drappiere, we have always loved the possibility to offer you a selection of refined vintage fabrics. Vintage fabrics fascinates us because of their ability to tell their story through their composition, their yarns and their weight.

The passion for vintage fabrics is carried on by Daniela and Paola, daughters of Ido (founder of the store) and by his granddaughter Valeria.

Our selection of vintage fabrics includes fabrics from the following brands:

  • Crombie


    Historic Scottish brand known for its heavy fabrics used in the creation of luxury coats. Founded in 1805, Crombie earned notice for the realization of coats and uniforms for the English Army and the English Monarchy.

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  • Zegna

    Ermenegildo Zegna

    Since 1910 Zegna vintage fabrics have been made with the finest fibers in the world. The philosophy of the brand is based on the belief that the best garments can only be made with the best natural resources.

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  • Guabello


    Since 1815 the fabrics of Guabello tell a story made of excellence and strong connections with the territory. Guabello fabrics enclose traditions and ancient processes, come and discover the vintage Guabello selection in our shop.

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  • Wain Shiell

    Vintage fabrics brand founded in 1805, known and appreciated internationally for its heavy and refined fabrics. After the factory closed, it was no longer possible to purchase Wain Shiell fabrics: we’ll be pleased to welcome you in our store to discover a selection of unique proposals.

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Discover unique vintage fabrics from Crombie, Ermenegildo Zegna, Guabello e Wain Shiell in our store in Milan.