Our Brands

  • Abraham Moon & Sons

    Abraham & Moon was founded in 1837 and today is one of the last remaining vertical woolen mills in Great Britain, meaning it is among the few that continue to complete all production processes in one place. In fact, for 180 years, since its foundation, it has creating his fabrics at 360 degrees: from the bales of raw wool to the final product. What sets it apart is the constant quality and innovative design.

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  • Agnona


    Agnona, born in 1953, is a luxury clothing brand and leader in the production of garments made with the rarest and most precious yarns: Cashmere, Alpaca and Vicuña. Mastery in craftsmanship is an integral part of the company's DNA and its legacy. Agnona is synonymous of timeless elegance, characterized by an obsessive attention to detail.

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  • Barbera

    Lanificio Carlo Barbera boasts a know-how of one hundred years of all-Italian history, offering fabrics of the highest quality with extraordinary performance. The classic wool fibers are skilfully combined with innovative materials, such as carbon, creating exclusive 100% Made in Italy fabrics. The textiles produced by the company, acquired by Kiton in 2010, are destined for some of the most important men's fashion brands in the world.

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  • Brisbane Moss

    Brisbane Moss, born in the hills of Yorkshire, has passed through four generations of skilled craftsmen who have helped to keep it among the best British textile manufacturers. Today, almost 140 years later, it continues to offer excellence thanks to the meticulous process of weaving, dyeing and finishing, using the latest technological advances and the best quality yarns, while maintaining a strong commitment to the environment. Among the most important products we find its fine corduroy, moleskin and cashmere.

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  • Casentino Originale

    Casentino is located in the Arno Valley, known since ancient times for the Casentino cloth, born in the Middle Ages, whose main characteristics are the "curl" surface finish and the bright colors in the shades of orange and emerald green. Thanks to this process, a double layer is obtained, making the fabric waterproof and a thermal insulation, while leaving the skin free to breathe. Today the Casentino cloth is a symbol of elegance and refinement and is used by the most important Italian stylists for high fashion garments.

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  • Fox Brothers

    Fox Brothers

    Fox Brothers was born when the young Thomas Fox, in 1772, became a partner in his grandfather's fabric company, taking with him what he had learned in his language studies and wool trade abroad. From that moment on, the small artisan industry became one of the most successful family-run textile production companies, up to today where it is managed by the seventh generation. Fox Brothers, 250 years later, continues its tradition as a British textile manufacturer providing the highest quality natural wool fabrics to a global clientele.

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  • Hardy Minnis

    Hardy Minnis was founded in the late 1960s by the union of two famous wool merchants - John G Hardy and J&J Minnis - who at the time had two well-established and well-known businesses. The company soon developed a reputation for its iconic ludo fabrics and refined designs thanks to a competent and reliable service, until it obtained a royal mandate, granted by Queen Elizabeth II. Innovation and tradition are combined in these globally known fabrics, most notably for the Finest Worsted Suitings and Classic Country Tweeds.

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  • Harris Tweed

    Harris Tweed is the continuation of a family tradition born from the small tweed and knitwear boutique located in Plocrapool, a small village in the Scottish countryside, where the Campbell family still resides. Marion Campbell was a weaving icon from the tender age of 14, she won a Harris Tweed design competition by beating the most experienced senior weavers and her talent for design and color ensured her great success. The company passed into the hands of several generations of Campbells who still today produce this hand-woven tweed-like fabric, which became fashionable thanks to the women of the company who saw its potential.

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  • Harrisons of Edinburgh

    Harrisons of Edinburgh was founded in 1863 by Sir George Harrison to supply the world's tailoring industry with high quality fabrics. It has always marketed fine fabrics with top quality natural materials, in particular famous for its pure cashmere and sporty tweed. His clothes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor leisure because they are very resistant to atmospheric agents. Over the years it has acquired other fabric distributors, including Porter & Harding, Smith Woolens & Co and W. Bill.

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  • Holland & Sherry

    Holland & Sherry was born when Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry decided to trade wool in London. Some of the best fabrics in the world are produced by them, constantly engaged in the search for natural fibers - from merino, to cashmere to pure worsted Vicuña - to create ever finer and more luxurious fabrics. A tailored garment created with their luxurious fabrics is a long-term investment, a pleasure to wear.

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  • Huddersfield Fine Worsteds

    Huddersfield Fine Worsteds was born 700 years ago in West Yorkshire and still today is at the center of fabric production in Great Britain and around the world. Its international fame is due to the great attention in selecting high quality raw materials and offering an innovative design while maintaining their tradition, always obtaining selected fabrics. The company has a strong heritage and is synonymous of British elegance with an international charm. It is located in an area, on the edge of the Pennine hills, ideal for making wool fabrics, the brand's workhorse.

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  • Joshua Ellis

    Joshua Ellis is a company that since 1767, the year of its foundation, boasts an illustrious textile heritage thanks to its high-quality fabrics. Their production, which starts from their mills in Yorkshire and reaches 23 countries, is sought after all over the world thanks to the quality of the best fabrics in cashmere, wool, vicuna and camel. All natural fibers are processed by expert hands with respect, enhancing their uniqueness, taking advantage of the heritage that distinguishes them and the new production techniques.

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  • Lanificio F.lli Cerruti 1881

    Lanificio F.lli Cerruti combines today's modern technologies with deep knowledge of the past. Their goal has always been to create quality fabrics, charm and character, starting from the creative idea to the realization in detail. The love for raw materials, Australian wool and Mongolian cashmere in particular, has led the company to seek out those of the best range that respect the environment, finding a balance between high technology and nature.

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  • Loro Piana

    Loro Piana is synonymous with excellence that comes from the finest and rarest raw materials in the world. Natural fiber is the heart of the company, among their most exclusive fibers we find Vicuña, once used only by the Inca emperor. The finest wool in the world and baby cashmere with an inimitable softness and lightness are two flagships that the brand offers to the most demanding customers. Storm System innovation allows the most refined and delicate fabrics to create a barrier against atmospheric agents.

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  • Magee

    Magee of Donegal

    Magee of Donegal was founded in 1866 by John Magee. This family-run business is located in Donegal, Ireland, a city that inspires color and design thanks to its natural landscapes. Their yarns, cashmere - lamb's wool - alpaca - silk - linen, are among the best and are used both for clothing and to create furnishing accessories. Magee's legacy is perceived in each collection in its uniqueness and refinement.

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  • Marling & Evans

    Marling & Evans is one of Huddersfield's oldest active weaving mills. Born in 1782 as an artisan laboratory, today it produces fabrics using only naturally dyed and finished English wool, without chemical additives. The process, starting from the selection of the best raw materials is deeply studied in order to guarantee the best quality. The range of products is wide, made up of various elements including Covert Twill, a very soft fabric, used in the past for the upholstery of Rolls Royce.

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  • Moessmer

    Moessmer is an ancient wool mill in Val Pusteria, in South Tyrol, born in 1894. This reality is still known today because it is one of the few textile companies that follow the entire production cycle of wool, from the choice of raw materials to finished fabrics. The sustainable use of resources and attention to detail in the quality of their fabrics has allowed the company to become a supplier and partner of great designers on the international scene, including Prada, Etro and Armani.

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  • Porter & Harding

    Porter and Harding was born after the Second World War to make sportswear thanks to the love for hunting, target shooting and fishing of the two founders: John Porter and Bill Harding The fabrics, and in particular the Thornproof and Hartwist ranges, are made with Cheviot sheep's wool, yarns woven together for color and strength, renowned for their durability. Their fabrics have one of the densest textures that can be found, specially made by the couple to protect against the elements, thistles and thorns.

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  • Robert Noble

    Robert Noble was born in 1666, the same year as the Great Fire of London, but only 200 years later in 1884 the company expanded and became the reality it is today. Robert Noble is synonymous with quality and savoir faire, in fact, even if the yarns are made mostly through the use of machinery, people play a fundamental role in the meticulous control of the product. Centuries of mastery and craftsmanship have ensured that the brand survives until today, bringing consistently high quality fabrics to the market.

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  • Scabal

    Scabal is a quality brand with a proud heritage of fine fabrics and tailoring. The brand believes their firm commitment to family values, exceptional quality and the best raw materials allows them to have a very loyal range of customers. Each fabric is recognized for its perfect fit for tailored suits that favor aesthetics, comfort and functionality.

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  • Schofield & Smith

    Schofield & Smith was born in 1904, by the homonymous founders, in Hollin's Mill in Huddersfield. Over the years it has developed bringing tradition and quality into its fabrics. Their famous navy blue fabric was also worn by James Bond in the film Goldeneye in 1995 and became an icon for the brand, known for its elegant and quality fabrics.

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  • Solaro - Smith Woollens

    Original Solaro is synonymous with uniqueness, character and refinement. It was patented by Smith Woollens and is made in England, so successful that its singular and sui generis style has always been imitated but never equaled. Solaro® has evolved into an indispensable garment for the warm season thanks to light fabrics, ideal for spring and summer, sported by sartorial enthusiasts from all over the world.

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  • Solbiati


    Solbiati was born from the passion of a family and has a long history behind it that has led it today to have an international reputation and fabrics suitable for ready-to-wear, tailor-made haute couture and home accessories. Among their most important fabrics we find linen, the protagonist of the Solbiati collections, one of the oldest raw materials in the world. Precious and unique, since 18774, this fiber has been used in infinite versions thanks to the creativity of the brand, its technical capabilities: resistance, transpiration, resistance to humidity and its hypoallergenic properties.

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  • Spence Bryson

    Spence Bryson is a company born 115 years ago but still today is at the top of the British market for its linen and cotton fabrics. Worldwide known, the company boasts an experienced and qualified workforce that, thanks to its great heritage, is able to match customer needs. Their fabrics can be made to measure and have a wide range of choices for every type of request.

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  • Taylor and Lodge

    Taylor and Lodge was born in Huddersfield in 1883 and combines traditional manufacturing techniques with modern innovation. Their fabrics, made in the original factory, are sought after by prestigious clients and fashion houses worldwide because of its British elegance. It has been the first textile company to win the Queen's Award for Industry thanks to the expert team who cultivate the great savoir faire left by past generations. The wide range of fabrics and patterns is due to 140 years of frequently consulted archives for inspiration.

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  • Vitale Barberis Canonico

    Vitale Barberis Canonico

    Vitale Barberis Canonico was born in 1663 with the wool business of the family known since time for the mastery of the dyeing process, handed down from generation to generation until today. For the 350th anniversary, in 2013, the company became a member of Les Hénokiens, an international association reserved for family businesses with at least two hundred years of history. Their production stands out for its great creativity, inspiration for the past and an eye towards the future.

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  • William Bill

    William Bill is a simple idea born from its eponymous creator who, 175 years ago, decided to open a boutique in North Wales. From the small market town where he sold tweeds and wool blankets he then moved to London to make his fortune. Since the early 1900s, thanks to its tweed and cashmere, it has been loved by prominent figures including Picasso and Vivienne Westwood. Their tweed, produced while remaining faithful to its origins in Scotland and North Wales, is available in different color and pattern variations

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  • William Halstead

    William Halstead was born in 1875 by the homonymous founder and, in 2006, was sold to SIL Holdings Ltd, a family-owned textile company based in Bradford. The brand is one of the few remaining manufacturers in the UK that still weaves fabrics on looms, following the entire production process, thus ensuring a high standard of quality. Mohair is their flagship, known all over the world and that is why the company has earned a long-lasting place in the Escorial Guild. All their fabrics are inspected in detail and comply with BWTEC and WTO guidelines.

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