About Us

Il Vecchio Drappiere

We are a historic store specialized in fabrics by the meter for men’s suits. We are located in the heart of Milan, close to Piazzale Cordusio. Since 1943 we have been passionately selecting the best fabrics amongst Italian and international brands.

Entering our store, you’ll be able choose from a wide range of wool, cotton and linen fabrics as well as discover many vintage fabrics.

Our staff will guide you with professionalism and passion in the process of choosing the perfect fabric for every need.

We strongly believe that to a create the perfect tailor suit, a valuable raw material is as important as the tailor’s skills.

In our store you’ll be able to touch with your hand the excellent quality of the fabrics, choosing amongst wool, cotton, linen and vintage fabrics.

We like to consider ourselves keepers of a slow, thoughtful and ancient art.